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Jean-Luc Abras, La Traversière Magazine n°149 - 2eme Trimestre 2024

Distinguished flutist and eminent pedagogue himself, Jean-Christophe Maltot, whose knowledge of opera repertoire would make any conductor envious, brilliantly fills this repertoire gap with his new work. You will find all the elements ensuring its resounding success amongst flutists and with the delighted audience.

Hélène Boulègue, Tosca Fantasy

My meeting with Jean-Christophe Maltot was decisive in a recording project, and I immediately found that his talent as a composer and arranger for the flute was considerable. (...) Jean-Christophe offers us here a jewelry that once again expands our repertoire. Tchaikovsky had only been able to write a sketch of his flute concerto; we can now consider the injustice as repaired…

Julien Beaudiment, Paraphrase on Mazeppa

Through the compositions presented here, J.C. Maltot reveals himself to be a perfect connoisseur of the lyrical repertoire and offers flautists new demanding pieces, combining sensitivity and virtuosity, requiring masterful technique from the performer. By bringing up to date this musical genre which reached its peak in the 19th century, J.C. Maltot happily enriches and expands the repertoire. His creations have already attracted various soloists, such as Hélène Boulègue for Fantaisie sur Tosca and Julien Beaudiment for the Paraphrase on Mazeppa and the Fantaisie sur La Bohème will be required in the entrance exam for a license at the CNSM in Lyon.

Jean-Luc Abras, La Traversière Magazine n°148 - 1er Trimestre 2024

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