Paraphrase on Mazeppa (flute and piano)


The flute repertoire is constantly evolving, although it is already one of the largest among all musical instruments. This choice allows flautists to be greedy, by looking for new pieces and constantly taking up new musical and instrumental challenges.

My meeting with Jean-Christophe Maltot was decisive in a recording project, and I immediately found that his talent as a composer and arranger for the flute was considerable. Opera fantasies, which are moreover very numerous today, have a very particular style: the search for bel canto (beautiful singing) as well as expression through technique are compulsory figures for any flautist.

Jean-Christophe offers us here a jewelry that once again expands our repertoire. Tchaikovsky had only been able to write a sketch of his flute concerto; we can now consider the injustice as repaired…

His famous opera Mazeppa is now in our hands for our greatest happiness. I had the chance and the honor to play this masterpiece in the pit of my orchestra, the Orchestre de l'Opéra National de Lyon, in 2006 under the direction of the brilliant conductor Kirill Petrenko. This music had amazed me... How lucky to be able to play "Mazeppa"'s most beautiful arias in concert thanks to this new fantasy!

Lyon, August 31, 2022

Julien Beaudiment

Composers : Jean-Christophe Maltot / Piotr Tchaikovsky

Duration : 8'